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Sparkles & Bubbles

Sparkles & Bubbles
Tiny Bubbles, Big Celebrations!

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SKU: Sparkles and Bubbles Party Pack

Bubbles equal celebrations! Why not enjoy this duo pack for the 2022 holiday season? Méthode champenoise, also known as the traditional method, is a sparkling wine production method whereby wine undergoes a second fermentation process in the bottle to produce carbon dioxide—the engine behind that soft, bubbly mouthfeel in sparkling wine and Champagne. 

Includes Blanc de Blancs & Sparkling Rosé

A salient pairing is a crispy duck, turkey, and fried chicken. Steak and bubbles are mouth-watering as are fried potatoes with onions, the classic caviar, and oysters delicacy, Macaroni and Cheese, creamy soups, and all by itself!

Two 750ml bottles shipped together.