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Trattore Farms

Trattore Estate Wines & Dry Creek Olive Company
Citrus Olive Oil Gift Set

Citrus Olive Oil Gift Set
Citrus Oils make Great Gifts

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/ 4 bottle set
SKU: 11960-2 Sampler

Our 100ml bottle Citrus Sampler includes Pink Grapefruit olive oil. It's just too hard to choose, so why not taste them all? Meyer Lemon is delicious over salmon or replaced with butter in a lemon cake, over popcorn with parmesan cheese, and grilled with chicken or pork. Our Persian Lime is the favorite cooked with fish tacos, guacamole and carnitas. Try our Valencia Orange tossed in winter ratatouille, fruit salads over grilled salmon or pork, and our favorite with brownies dusted with sea salt and our Zinfandel. Lastly, enjoy Pink Grapefruit olive oil as a zinger in pancakes, French toast, fruit salads, and salad dressing with our bottles of vinegar.

Includes four 100ml bottles: Meyer Lemon, Persian Lime, Valencia Orange and Pink Grapefruit with a recipe card inside a black gift box
Locally milled and produced at Trattore Farms in the heart of Dry Creek Valley.

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